Try it Tuesday - Craft Room Overhaul Halts Play!

10 March 2015

Last Thursday for our monthly munchkin free date day, my husband and I went for a trip out to Ikea - meatballs and masses of flat-pack furniture - romantic eh?!

Let's just say I got a bit giddy with all the craft storage on offer and as a result, my Little Paper Playground is in the midst of an overhaul meaning play has been halted for a short while *sad face*.

Who knew that everything you buy at the blue and yellow shop of dreams you have to put together?  Even the cute little boxes I bought to put embellishments and Big Shot dies in I've had to sit putting little screws in them.  This is all fine if you didn't have toddler hands everywhere claiming things for tidying his playroom or for using as suitcases!  It's taking a bit longer than anticipated let's put it that way!

As a result, there is no Try it Tuesday project today.  Normal service will be resumed next week.

If in the meantime you have any tips on how to speed things up to save my sanity, do drop me a line below!

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