Try it Tuesday - Scrapbooking Stampin' Up! Style

24 March 2015

Some 8/9 years ago I used to attend a local craft group.  I was the youngest there by at least one, possibly two, decades and a complete rookie in comparison to the other ladies there.

I used to sit in awe marvelling over their intricate craft projects, particularly the scrapbooking crafters in the group.  It seemed such a brilliant idea to savour memories in such a lovely, crafty way.  I just saw it a bit of a faff and too time consuming to attempt it at the time as I was just starting out on my crafting adventure.

Having two small children, we try and capture moments as often as we can, on our phones, tablet or camera.  It just seems then that nothing is done with them.  They're downloaded onto the computer where they just stay.  They hardly get printed off.  Not like when I was younger and my mum would regularly go and get film and disposable cameras developed to then sit and put them in albums with little notes below them.  It must have taken her ages to do and I take great comfort in those albums now she's not here.

When I was searching for things to put in my Stampin' Up! Starter Kit I came across their Project Life products and had a light bulb moment.  Here was my opportunity to do scrapbooking without having to make the actual scrapbook.

It is sooooo easy to do.  You can basically make it as fancy or as basic as you like.  You just buy an album, the pockets you would like, the project cards and accessory packs you might like and away you go!

Researching online it would appear a lot of people do an album per year and do something week on week.  That is not really practical for us at the moment so we tend to do something when we have had a day out or for holidays.  Even our toddler George loves it as all the tickets and bits and bobs he has collected we can keep and document.  I have even bought the framelits for my Big Shot so once his nursery paintings have been on the wall for a bit, I can take them down and crop bits to put in the album to show him when he's older.

So simple, so much fun and really therapeutic!  Why not have a go?

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