About Me

I'm Katie, wife to long suffering Gavin and wannabe yummy mummy to my two adorable mini munchkins.  We overlook the mighty Humber Bridge in a small East Yorkshire village and like dancing round the living room like loons to my toddler son's favourite tune - Down Down by Status Quo (we went to a concert of theirs whilst I was pregnant and even when he was a tiny baby their songs were the only thing that would settle him!)

For as long as I can remember, I've loved cutting, sticking and making things.  To me there is something unbelievably rewarding taking a selection of materials and making them into something amazing.  Particularly if you are making that project to give to someone else.

I love bright colours and am a magpie to sparkle.  I am also a bit of a messy crafter but then surely that represents a creative mind in overload right?

Music makes me happy when crafting so the likes of Abba, and The Proclaimers are often on the set list in The Little Paper Playground...my happy place where a bit of creative play blows the cobwebs away.

Welcome, and happy crafting!

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